Caleb and the Tooth Fairy

On the way to school this morning, Caleb noticed that another tooth is loose (his second).  This brought on a rambling list of everything he knows or thinks about the tooth fairy.

  • She exists
  • She might not actually be a fairy.
  • Maybe she drives a car
  • Maybe she’s just an old lady with A LOT of money who REALLY REALLY likes kids
  • Maybe she only gives money out for the first tooth.

One thought on “Caleb and the Tooth Fairy

  1. Our tooth fairy is called Trudy, and to be honest, she’s a bit of a flake… always late with the pennies, I’m afraid. This time round I even had to send an email to her boss (Prunella) as she was over two months late!!! Turns out she had become stuck in a timey-wimey vortex and ended up back in Victorian days!! Luckily she’s back now and wrote Sweet Girl a lovely letter which made up for the lateness!!

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