ramble #2

i posted a blog the other day.  it got lost in cyberspace.  i guess maybe that’s for the best.  although extremely therapeutic for me, maybe it didn’t belong on the blogosphere.  however, it left me at a loss for words and i ended up not getting my weekly post in.  i’m going to start using the post a day prompts as much as possible to keep my writing up even when i don’t want to be emotionally vulnerable.

The healing process is an incredibly delicate thing to maneuver.  This is particularly true for someone who has the patience of a gnat.  And sometimes the process doesn’t totally make sense.  And it hurts more than one can show.  i appear much stronger than i feel most of the time.  i hide the rest of the time so that i have the strength and courage to be strong when i have to be.  Sometimes even then i fail.  That space between strength and vulnerable is ultimately where i hope to land.

Today i grieve.  Sometimes grieving the loss of someone who is still living cuts even deeper than the loss of someone who has gone to the other side.  There’s less closure.  Except to know that God has a plan.  And it is good.


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