Ramble #3. (Or Ramble for a New Year.)

It’s been entirely too long since I have posted.  Winter break was refreshingly good.  By far the best break we’ve had.  I’m not entirely sure what exactly is different.  Caleb’s changed a lot.  So have I.  We really enjoyed each others company and I didn’t have to (try to) entertain him the whole time.  He still struggles a little with boredom, but today he’s so much better at finding solutions instead of going into a panic.  This relieves me and allowed me to enjoy him.  Nothing was a chore with him like it used to be on breaks.

Also, the last several weeks of classes kicked my butt and I was grateful to spend time away from the computer over MY winter break.  It’s been really nice to have time for leisure reading.  I realized about a week ago (as i downloaded a bunch of free stuff from iBooks) that i still had 4 books that were 3/4 finished.  I finally finished one of them and have vowed not to begin any NEW books until I have them all finished.  I don’t know why i do that.  I’ll get *almost* done with a book and then never finish it.  The nice thing about ebooks is that it’s easy to pick up where you left off. 🙂

I’ve been finding tremendous pleasure in rediscovering all of the stuff i have on iTunes.  According to my status bar, i have 4,849 items, 14.8 days, 33.06GB of music.  i haven’t even listened to half of it, i’m sure.  Some people hoard things.  i hoard music (apparently).

I don’t do New Years’ resolutions, so i can’t really say that this is my New Years’ Resolution, but… i have decided that I am going to finish things.  I’m good at following through on things for other people.  I need to start following through on things for ME.  So i’m going to finish all of those books.  i’m going to listen to all of the as-yet-unlistened-to music on my iTunes (and purge the crap).


2 thoughts on “Ramble #3. (Or Ramble for a New Year.)

    1. good books: The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball
      18 Minutes by Peter Bregman (almost finished with that one. My goal is to finish it today).

      Also in the middle of Onward: How Starbucks Fought for its Life Without Losing Its Soul by Howard Schultz. I made the mistake of using that as a resource, though, for a paper on Business Culture for one of my classes. Now I’m having a tough time completing it as “leisure reading”.

      The final one is Bright’s Passage by Josh Ritter. I’m not far enough into that one to have an opinion yet. I may get back around to it (and have to start at the beginning) over summer.

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